Aliens Colonial Marines - Concept Art

Concept art for the video game "Aliens Colonial Marines". I really enjoyed doing this.

EXPOSÉ 10 - Excellence award

My work "JUNGLE PALACE" has been awarded "Excellence" in the matte painting category and will appear in the new book.
Thank you very much Ballistic Publishing.

ALIENS: Colonial Marines

I recently completed a series of concept art pieces for the video game "Aliens: Colonial Marines". A sequel to the classic film "Aliens" by James Cameron. I realy enjoyed working in this fantastic project for TimeGate Studios. You can view the trailer HERE


Two of my works have been selected to appear on Exposé 9, this fantastic book of Ballistic Publishing. It is an honor and a privilege to me to be part of this book together with the most outstanding artists around the world.


Some new personal projects.


I made these matte paintings and concept for Sears tv commercial -CHRISTMAS 2010- it was really fun to paint scenarios for this fantastic short movie. view short movie